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Why has the Rainbow Reef been cited as an international top dive destination? The Somosomo Strait has strong fertile tidal currents which provide a rich and constant flow of nutrients, idyllic for soft coral growth, healthy and diverse eco systems and plentiful fish life.

We can divide the dive sites into 3 categories: Wall, sloping reef with pinnacles and sloping reefs. Likely the most popular dive site in the Rainbow Reef is the Great White Wall (a perpendicular wall covered in ice colored soft coral, below 15m/45ft. Click for Great White Wall Dive Schedule) Other popular wall dives are the Purple Wall, the Zoo and the Fish Factory.

Dives with sloping reef with pinnacles (bommies) include the famous ‘Annie’s Bommies’ and the Mini White Wall. Well-known slopping reefs are Jerry’s Jelly, Sam’s Point and Rainbows End. divingregions

Many of the dive sites make ideal snorkel sites and we often get lucky and have slow, gentle drift snorkeling! Our favorite sites are Nuku Reef, Fish Factory and Cabbage Patch.

Every dive or snorkel you make in the Rainbow Reef, you’ll be amazed by the amount of reef life due to the rich flow of nutrients. The most common reef fish we see include butterfly and angelfish, trigger and parrotfish, fusiliers, anthias, wrasses, groupers and of course plenty of clownfish. Remember fish families have so many different types of fish.

Naturally, reef sightings may also include clams, eels, nudibranchs, flatworms, dolphins, octopus, turtles, sharks and rays.

Taveuni Dive has been diving around Taveuni Island for over 15 years and has gained a wealth of dive and guest experience as well as local knowledge. Well known for being seemingly untouched, having good visibility and healthy coral the sites around Northern Taveuni are always open to you to explore and occasionally we dive Vuna Reef.

If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer you. Happy diving!


Rainbow Reef Dive Sites


Dakuniba Pass


Depth 20-100 feet. Starts as a sloping reef turning into a wall. Marine life includes schools of barracuda, leopard shark, and many hard and soft corals.


The Zoo


Depth 30-300 feet. Wall dive with coral on top. Marine life include barracuda, moray eels, manta rays, potato cod, fusiliers, basslets, anthiases, sharks (usually in schools), nudibranches, plus lots of small beautifully colored fish. There are a large range of soft coral, including flatworms.


Great White Wall


Huge wall of soft almost luminescent white coral - about 200 feet long and 150 feet deep, best seen from around 90 feet down. There are a couple of tunnels through. Marine life is mostly white soft corals on the wall with a few large sea whips sticking off the end of the wall. On top of the wall there is a mixture of soft and hard coral. Fish life includes the occasional mackerel, eagle rays, manta rays, coral trout, and lionfish.


Annie's Bommie


A submerged reef with big bommies (coral pinnacles) which allows divers to weave between them. Depth ranging from 15-70 feet. Marine life includes schools of fusiliers, basslets, anthiases, Jack Trevally, moray eels, occasional leopard sharks, stingrays and pipefish. The area is covered in soft coral and hard coral on top of bommies, including opal bubble coral.


The Corner


Located at the tip (Corner) of Annie's Bommie. Depth ranging from 15-80 feet sloping. Marine life includes clown triggerfish, unicorn fish, anemone fish, fusiliers, surgeon fish, sea whips, nudibranches (including Spanish Dancer), occasionally schools of sharks and barracudas. In addition there is a large variety of soft and hard corals, including sea fans.


Mini White Wall


A submerged reef with a mini wall. Depth ranging from 30-100 feet. Wall is approx. 20 feet by 20 feet covered with mostly white soft coral. There are also a large variety of other soft corals. Marine life includes stone fish, snapper, and leopard sharks, plus a variety of nudibranches.


Pot Luck


Depth 20-90 feet. Sloping reef to view 3 large bommies. Marine life includes schools of Trevally, bronze whaler and white tip sharks, schools of red snapper, eagle ray, and lots of hard corals.


Wise's Place


Depth 20-80 feet. Sloping dive with coral heads. Marine life includes schools of coral grouper, fusiliers, sea goldies, blue spotted stingrays, yellow margin moray eels. In addition there are large star corals, table corals, fire corals, flower corals, and white soft corals.


Jack's Place


Depth 20-60 feet. Sloping reef. Lots of hard corals mixed with soft corals and beautiful colors. Marine life includes schools of powder blue surgeon fish, triggerfish, giant wrasse, and yellow margin moray eels. 


Fish Factory


A wall with depth ranging from 20-500 feet plus a variety of soft coral on the top and side of the wall. Schools of parrot fish, rump headed, spanish, mackerel, angel fish, travellys, cod, moray eel, occasional manta rays, occasional sharks, stone fish and leaf scorpionfish.


Carl Street


Depth 20-80 feet. Sandy bottom with coral heads. Lots of soft corals.


Nuku Reef


Depth 20-70 feet. Sloping dive. Marine life includes soft and hard corals, triggerfish, clams, Christmas tree worms, leatherly sea anemone, and lots of small beautiful colored fish.


The Ledge


A submerged reef with depth ranging from 25-130 feet which has a ledge at 45 feet all around the reef with a variety of soft coral and sea whips. Marine life includes emperor angelfish, clown triggerfish, titan triggerfish, flat worms, and a couple of lionfish are often seen hovering over the side of the ledge.


Jerry's Jelly


Depth 15-60 feet. Sloping dive. 2 pinnacles with white soft corals under ledge and on top. Marine life includes schools of somber sweetlips, lots of colorful small fish, and garden eels.


Sam's Point


Depth 10-90 feet, although mainly done to 60 feet as a second dive. Sloping dive. Lots of soft coral, and sea fans. Marine life includes humpback snapper, schools of small fish, coral grouper, white tip sharks, and blue ribbon eels.


Rainbow's End


Depth 20-80 feet. Sloping reef. Soft corals in various colors - purple, red, white, yellow. Marine life includes moorish idol, wrasse, fusilier, yellowtail, bluetail, lionfish, moray eels, stonefish, and leaf scorpionfish.


Yellow Tunnel


Depth 10-80 feet. Sloping dive. Coral head with a point. Yellow soft corals inside and outside a hole. Marine life includes stone fish, white tip sharks, schools of bicolor parrotfish, and many colorful small fish.


Barracuda Hole


Depth 20-80 feet. Sloping dive with 2 pinnacles on the way. Marine life includes schools of barracuda, jack travelly, unicorn fish, fusiliers, bronze whaler sharks, white tip sharks, sometimes nurse sharks, and nudibranches.


Cabbage Patch


Depth 10-60 feet. Sloping dive with sandy areas. Lots of sepentine salad coral. Marine life includes sabre squirrelfish, spotfin squirrelfish, lionfish, moray eels, immaculate soldierfish. 


Kuku Reef


Depth 60 feet. Hard and soft coral. Lots of small colored fish, bicolor parrotfish, clown triggerfish, humpback snapper.


Coral Garden


Depth 20-80 feet. Sloping dive with big table corals, sheet corals, clubfinger corals, netfire corals, flower corals, and raised mosaic corals.


Northern Taveuni Area Dive Sites


Great Yellow Wall


An Atoll, includes beautiful coral, fans, whips, sharks, barracuda, trevally, tuna, mackerel, unicorn, puffers, anemones and fusiliers.  


The Edge


An atoll that has a vertical drop of about 30-1000 feet plus.  Has a combination of soft and hard coral, barracuda, unicorn fish, clown fish, anemones, clown trigger fish, groupers, fusiliers and occasionally white tip sharks.  


Golden Dream


An atoll with a vertical drop of 15-1000 feet plus with a mild current which opens up the Golden soft coral, sea whips, anemones, clown fishes, unicorn fish, occasionally schools of barracuda and white tip sharks.  


Noel's Wall


An atoll 15 miles off Matangi Island with a vertical drop of 30-1000 feet plus canyons and swim through at 30 feet with beautiful hard coral at 30-40 feet.  Most famous for soft coral dive and pelagics.  Tons of soft coral, fusiliers, schools of barracudas, schools of bronze whalers, golden anthias.  




Located at the tip of Laucala Barrier reef ranging from 30-70 fee to the top of the wall with a vertical drop off.  Variety of soft coral and sea whips on the wall.  Clown trigger fish, unicorn fish, anemone fish, soft coral and occasionally schools of sharks and barracudas.


Motui 1


An atoll 8 miles off Matanqi island with wall dives.  Depth ranging from 15-1000 feet plus vertical wall.   Variety of soft corals, long sea whips on the side of the wall and tons of fish everywhere.  Fish life of every kinds.  Sharks, hump headed parrotfish and more.


Motui 2


Approximately 500 feet in distance from Motui 1 with almost the same reef structure.  Motui II has more beautiful hard coral at the top of the wall.  Includes schools of fish of every kind, sharks, occasionally soft and hard corals, surgeon fish, long sea whips.  


Cross Channel


Located on Motui atoll, has a vertical drop off at 15-1000 feet plus.  Famous for black corals with long nose hawkfish and occasionally beautifully untouched hard corals at 35 feet.  Includes soft coral, sea fans, sea whips, sharks, tuna, trevally, king mackerel  and  tons of fusiliers.


Motui Lailai


An atoll 10 miles off Matanqi with a depth ranging from 10-200 feet.  Has gradual slopes with tunnels penetrating into the reef with beautiful sun rays through the top opening of the reef.  Also has a wide variety of hard corals and fish of all kinds normally in schools.  Sharks, Turtles, sweet lips, trevally, eagle rays and variety of beautiful brain coral.  


Mariah's Cove


Located on the coat of Qamea with depth ranging from 15-80 feet.  Best for second dive.  Also known as Red Wall.  A little ledge at 15-30 feet covered with a variety of soft red coral.  Includes wrasses, blennies, puffer fish, garden eels, sea whips, parrot fish and Spanish dancers.    


Still Waters


A submerged reef off the coast of Qamea with a depth ranging from 15-100 feet.  Famous for soft coral dives.  Variety of soft corals, tons of fusiliers, anthaises, basslets, occasionally white tip sharks.




Located on the coast of Qamea with a depth ranging from 10-120 feet with gradual slope.  Has beautiful fish life and a variety of soft coral.  Moray eels, Spanish dancers, blennies, angel fish,  




Located on the coast of Qamea with a depth ranging from 10-120 feet with gradual slopes.  Beautiful sea fans, soft corals, nudabranchs, flatworms, seawhips, moray eels, fusiliers, wrasses and sharks.  


Fish Patch


A submerged reef located between Qamea and Taveuni with a depth from 10-120 feet with gradual slopes.  Variety of soft coral, sea fans, fish of all kinds, trigger fish, barracuda, Spanish mackerel, fusiliers, golden anthers, file fish.


Gorgonian Garden


This reef has a vertical drop off with a depth ranging 15-200 feet.  It has a variety of sea fans and coral.  Barracudas, tuna, sharks (in schools), fusiliers, sweet lips, trevally, anthias and basslets  


Joe's Reef


Located outside Laucala barrier reef with a depth ranging from 15-100 feet.  Variety of hard and soft coral.  A few coral heads come up to 15 feet which divers weave between them making it perfect for the safety stop.  Marine life includes wrasses, moral eels, gobi’s puffers, clown trigger and occasionally white tip sharks and sleeping leopard sharks.


Little Rainbow Reef


Natural hatchery for Manta Rays.  A long thin reef with a depth 30-60 feet.  Most of the time you see adult Manta Rays.  Kneel on the bottom and watch the manta rays, many species of reef fish and hard and soft corals. 


Vuna Reef Dive Sites




Vuna Reef at its finest! This wall dive faces open ocean and it is here that we have seen some of our favorite regulars: Sharks, Rays and Napoleon Wrasse. Drift by schools of Spanish Mackerel or giant Tuna from the deep. All this in only 60ft/18m, a truly awe-inspiring dive site that nevers seems to disappoint us.


Tavoro Cave


This deep wall dive has got it all. A spooky cave at 90ft/27m, swim throughs, and lots of life. The topography of this site is striking: a sheer wall with plenty of gullies. Look up into clouds of reef fish, look down to Reef Sharks and look out to Barracuda, Tuna and Turtles. A dive not easily forgotten.


Incredible Reef


On the inner side of Vuna Reef, this deep dive explore a large wedge-shaped area cutting into the Reef wall. Schools of pelagics glide past as smaller reef fish swarm in the shelter of the wedge.




This deep seamount stands a little off Vuna Reef and attracts Manta Rays in season and other large visitors as well as smaller schooling species. Soft corals are abundant and bright thanks to the sea current. 


The Stairs


On the top of the reef, you are greeted by hard plate corals of all colors and clouds of fish including Tital Trigger Fish, Parrot Fish and Wrasses. From here, dive down through a swim through covered in soft corals and out onto an inverted wall swathed in pure white soft coral. Back up the stairway under the arches enveloped in white and purple soft corals. All types of Reef Sharks and Barracuda often visit this site.


Fish Factory


Stunning hard plate corals, lots of ambient light, multicolored patches of soft coral, giant clams and swarms of reef fish at a depth of less than 60 ft/18m make this popular for photographers, beginners and experienced divers. 


Dolphin Bay


Located just a bay over, this drift dive is on the island wall. Resident eels and Lionfish make this a popular dive. Large fish like Snapper and Trevally make regular appearances. 


Coral Gardens


Nicknamed Nirvana and only a few minutes by boat from the Resort. Three fingers of lava once streamed into the ocean and are now covered with a variety of hard and soft coral species. Rays, Sharks and big schools of barracude are the keepers of the Coral Gardens. 


Yellow Fin Wall


Drift along this section of Vuna Reef and enjoy a fabulous vist of soft corals. Keep a watch on the blue for the namesakes of this site -- large Yellow Fin tuna that speed gracefully past in the company of other pelagic fish and turtles. 


Steve's Corner


This dive site reveals a hug variety of soft corals feeding in the current. Turn the corner and come up shallow to enjoy a large archway swim through guarded by the resident Anemone Fish and filled with Ghost Coral.  


Vuna Chutes


Sleeping White Tip Reef Sharks! An excellent second or third dive of the day. 12m(40 ft) to 15 m (50 ft) in depth.   A beautiful white sandy path through Vuna Reef scattered with large bommies. Along with the sharks you will see blue spotted stingrays, turtles, moray eels, schools of barracude and batfish and small colorful reef fish.


Fish Bommies


A fine dive location for divers of all experience levels. We often use this site for your first "checkout" dive with us. Gorgeous sloping white sandy bottome sloping from 6 m (20 ft) to 20 m (66 ft). Scattered with coral bommies, you can see everything here. White Tip Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, turtles, Manta and Eagle Rays, Parrot Fish, Garden Eels, Moray Eels and millions of small colorful reef fish. 




Gently sloping hard coral bottome from 10 m (33 ft) to a wall that drops to 40 m (132 ft). Named for the shape of Vuna Reef, Tabua means Whale's Tooth. See schools of Barracudea, Trevally, Batfish, Tuna and Spanish Mackerel. As you cruise the "wall" you will sometimes encounter White and Black Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Sharks, Bronze Whalers and Bull Sharks. During the proper 'season' you can also see Manta Rays. Lobsters (Crays) also inhabit small houses on the wall.




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